WhatsApp Working on Feature That Lets Android Users Share Status Updates to Instagram: Report

The functionality was observed in a recent Android update for WhatsApp’s beta version.


  • The feature can help users share similar content across platforms easily
  • Users will have the option to enable or disable this feature
  • WhatsApp has not yet confirmed this feature

The recently discovered Secret Code feature in a WhatsApp beta update for Android introduces a novel way for users to conceal locked chats through a confidential code. Additionally, WhatsApp is actively working on several enhancements, including the reintroduction of the “View Once” feature for photos and videos on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp desktop versions. The platform is also rumored to be developing a ‘search by username’ feature akin to Telegram. Notably, reports indicate that WhatsApp, under Meta’s ownership, is contemplating allowing users to share their WhatsApp status directly to Instagram.

WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp feature tracker, reported that an optional feature is in the works, enabling users to share WhatsApp statuses directly to Instagram. This revelation was made in the context of the WhatsApp beta for Android update on the Google Play Store. Building on the existing capability to share WhatsApp statuses on Facebook, this speculated feature is expected to offer a similar functionality.

According to a shared screengrab from WABetaInfo, the options to share status updates on Facebook and Instagram are grouped together under the Status Privacy tab. Users will have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature, much like the share to Facebook option. Although a specific timeline for the universal rollout was not provided, it is anticipated that WhatsApp will introduce this feature to all users in the future.

The report also highlights that users will have control over the audience for shared WhatsApp Status, similar to the format of Instagram Stories. Once implemented, this feature is poised to simplify information sharing, enhancing reliability and consistency across platforms. Furthermore, it is anticipated to be a time-saving and efficient integration, eliminating the need to capture a status and share it separately on Instagram. This seamless sharing across platforms is expected to streamline the process for users who currently create separate WhatsApp Statuses and Instagram Stories for identical content by enabling them to share it with a single tap.

1. Q: What is the latest news about WhatsApp?

A: WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that allows Android users to share their status updates directly to Instagram.

2. Q: Can you provide more details about the new feature WhatsApp is working on?

A: WhatsApp is developing a feature that enables Android users to share their status updates on Instagram, as reported.

3. Q: Is this feature exclusive to Android users?

A: Yes, according to the report, the feature is specifically for Android users.

4. Q: How does this feature work?

A: The details of how the feature works are not specified in the provided content. More information may be needed from official announcements or further reports.

5. Q: Are there any other platforms mentioned for sharing status updates, or is it limited to Instagram?

A: The information provided focuses on sharing status updates to Instagram, and there is no mention of other platforms in the given content.

6. Q: When is this feature expected to be rolled out?

A: The provided content doesn’t mention a specific timeline for the rollout of this feature. Updates on release dates may require checking official announcements or subsequent reports.

7. Q: Is there any official statement from WhatsApp regarding this new feature?

A: The content does not mention an official statement from WhatsApp, so checking official announcements or press releases for more information is recommended.

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