Suzuki Motorcycle India Announces Service Support For Customers Affected By Cyclone Michaung

The company is providing complimentary service assistance through its dealer network in Chennai and other impacted regions, ensuring originality and avoiding plagiarism.


  • Offers complimentary checkups for vehicles affected.
  • SMIPL provides free replacements for specific consumables.
  • The service support campaign will be available until the end of December 2023.

Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd. (SMIPL) has proactively extended assistance to customers affected by floods in Chennai. The company has launched a complimentary service support program through its dealer network in Chennai and other impacted regions, providing customers with a thorough checkup for their vehicles affected by the floods.

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SMIPL is offering complimentary replacement of certain consumables, such as engine oil, engine oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, and spark plug, for those affected by floods. Suzuki Motorcycle customers in Chennai can avail of these services until the conclusion of December 2023. Additionally, in response to the significant flooding caused by Cyclone Michaung in affected cities, Suzuki’s assistance is in line with efforts from other OEMs like TVS, Toyota, Audi, Mahindra, and Volkswagen, who are similarly providing support through various measures.

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In reference to the undertaking, Kenichi Umeda, Managing Director of Suzuki Motorcycle India, expressed, “The repercussions of Cyclone Michaung have been profound, causing significant distress to individuals and their possessions due to widespread flooding in affected cities. In an effort to alleviate the potential impact on our customers’ vehicles, we have introduced a dedicated service campaign. Our sincere intent is that this initiative not only lessens the financial burden of vehicle repairs but also expedites the restoration of mobility for our customers as swiftly as possible.”

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1. Q: What announcement has Suzuki Motorcycle India made recently?

A: Suzuki Motorcycle India has announced service support for customers affected by Cyclone Michaung.

2. Q: What kind of service support is Suzuki Motorcycle India providing to customers affected by the cyclone?

A: The specific details of the service support, such as repairs, assistance, or other forms of aid, are not specified in the given content.

3. Q: Which regions or areas are covered by Suzuki Motorcycle India’s service support for Cyclone Michaung?

A: The geographical coverage or specific areas where the service support is available is not mentioned in the provided information.

4. Q: How can Suzuki Motorcycle customers affected by Cyclone Michaung avail the announced service support?

A: The process or steps for customers to avail the service support is not outlined in the given content.

5. Q: Is this service support a temporary measure, or will it be an ongoing initiative for Suzuki Motorcycle India?

A: The duration or nature of the service support, whether it’s a one-time effort or an ongoing initiative, is not clarified in the provided information.

6. Q: Are there any specific types of damages or issues that Suzuki Motorcycle India is addressing through this service support?

A: The content doesn’t provide details on the specific damages or issues covered by the service support.

7. Q: When was this announcement made, and is there a deadline for customers to avail themselves of the service support?

A: Information regarding the timing of the announcement and any deadlines for customer participation is not provided in the given content.

8. Q: Are there any eligibility criteria or requirements for Suzuki Motorcycle customers to qualify for the announced service support?

A: The content doesn’t specify any eligibility criteria or requirements for customers to benefit from the service support.

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