Spanish retailer Mango celebrates record sales with double-digit growth during Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Spanish apparel retailer Mango has reported substantial double-digit sales growth during the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events.

According to Reuters, Mango’s Global Retail Director, Cesar de Vicente, revealed that the company achieved record-breaking sales both online and in physical stores, attributing this success to discounts of up to 50%. Mango has outlined plans for an expanded presence in the U.S., with the goal of doubling the number of stores to 40 by the coming year.

De Vicente expressed confidence in Mango’s ability to maintain similar levels of sales growth throughout the remaining holiday shopping season.

“We had record sales in these operational days, both online and in stores,” stated Cesar de Vicente to Reuters.

Mango’s strategic decision to offer significant discounts, globally and online, played a key role in its robust performance during Cyber Week. The company is leveraging its expansion initiatives in crucial markets such as the U.S., Italy, and India.

With a focus on in-house design, a prominent emphasis on party wear, and plans for store expansion, Mango is positioning itself to compete effectively with newer entrants in the fashion industry. Presently, the company’s online sales constitute 36% of its total revenues.

As the holiday shopping season advances, Mango anticipates sustained growth, building upon the momentum gained during Cyber Week. The company’s approach of providing substantial discounts aligns with the broader trend observed by the National Retail Federation in the U.S., projecting retail sales growth of 3% to 4% for the entire November-December holiday shopping period.

Mango’s expansion strategy and its ability to offer competitive discounts have positioned it favorably in the retail landscape, enabling it to outperform pre-pandemic levels and achieve impressive sales figures in recent years.

1. Q: What is the latest news about Spanish retailer Mango?

A: Mango recently celebrated record sales with double-digit growth during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

2. Q: How much was Mango’s sales growth during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

A: Mango experienced double-digit growth in sales during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period.

3. Q: Can you provide more details on Mango’s record sales during this period?

A: Mango achieved record-breaking sales figures, marking a significant increase in comparison to previous years.

4. Q: What contributed to Mango’s success during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

A: The exact factors contributing to Mango’s success during this period are not specified, but it could involve strategic marketing, attractive promotions, or increased consumer demand.

5. Q: Were there any specific promotions or discounts offered by Mango during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

A: The details of specific promotions or discounts offered by Mango are not provided in the given content.

6. Q: How does Mango’s performance during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday compare to previous years?

A: Mango’s performance this year surpassed previous years, as indicated by the record-breaking sales and double-digit growth.

7. Q: Is this growth unique to Mango, or have other retailers experienced similar success during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

A: The information provided focuses on Mango’s success, and it doesn’t mention the performance of other retailers during the same period.

8. Q: Does Mango attribute its success to any particular products or categories?

A: The content doesn’t specify whether Mango attributes its success to specific products or categories.

9. Q: How does Mango plan to capitalize on this success in the future?

A: Information about Mango’s future plans following the successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales is not provided.

10. Q: Are there any additional details or insights about Mango’s sales performance that are not mentioned in the initial statement?

A: The provided content is concise, and additional details about Mango’s sales performance during Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not available in the given information.

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