Noida Woman Engineer Allegedly Held Captive in a ‘Digital Hostage’ Situation, Deprived of Rs 11 Lakh

The woman told police that she was held as a ‘digital hostage’ from 9:30 am to almost 7 pm, and was asked to share her details as part of a verification process in connection with Rs 20 lakh transferred to her account as a commission.

1: The Digital Hostage Situation Unfolds

In a distressing incident on November 13, a woman engineer from Noida fell victim to cyber criminals who allegedly held her as a ‘digital hostage’ for nearly eight hours. The case, now under investigation by the Cyber Crime Police, emerged after the woman reported the incident and shared her harrowing experience.

2: Deceptive Government Official and Digital Arrest

The victim received a Skype call from an individual claiming to be a government official, informing her of a Rs 20 lakh commission credited to her bank account during a recent raid. Despite her reluctance, the fraudster persisted, stating the call was for verification. The woman, deceived by the apparent legitimacy of the TRAI official on the Skype call, endured hours of questioning regarding her bank accounts, properties, and residence.

3: Financial Manipulation and the Unraveling Scam

During the digital ordeal, the woman, coerced into sharing sensitive information, was eventually asked to transfer the claimed Rs 20 lakh commission to a provided bank account. Unwilling to comply fully, she transferred Rs 11 lakh, only to realize later that she had been duped. As the investigation unfolds, authorities are delving into the intricacies of this digital scam that left the victim financially exploited.

What happened in the cyber incident on November 13 in Noida?

A woman engineer in Noida was allegedly held as a ‘digital hostage’ for around eight hours by cyber criminals, resulting in a financial loss of Rs 11 lakh.

How did the cyber criminals deceive the victim?

The victim received a Skype call from an individual posing as a government official, claiming that a commission of Rs 20 lakh had been credited to her account during a recent raid.

What was the nature of the digital hostage situation?

The fraudster, disguised as a TRAI official, coerced the victim into sharing sensitive information during a prolonged questioning session on Skype

Did the victim transfer money to the criminals?

Yes, the victim transferred Rs 11 lakh to the criminals’ provided bank account under the false impression that it was required by the supposed government verification process.

How did the victim realize she had been duped?

After the transaction, the woman engineer discovered the fraudulent nature of the incident, prompting her to report the matter to the Cyber Crime Police.

What is the status of the investigation?

The incident is currently under investigation, with authorities working to unravel the complexities of this digital scam and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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