MG Motor India Announces Price Hike For All Models From January 2024 Onwards

The increase in prices is linked to the escalation of commodity prices and the growing expenses associated with inflation.


  • MG to hike prices of all its models from January 2024 onwards.
  • Brand to announce special year-end offers towards the end of December 2023.
  • MG’s sales numbers in November 2023 stood at 4,154 units.

MG Motor India has officially announced an impending price increase for all models in its lineup starting January 2024. While the precise extent of the price adjustment remains unspecified, the company attributes this decision to the escalating costs associated with overall inflation and increased commodity prices. Furthermore, MG Motor India has disclosed its intention to unveil special year-end offers towards the conclusion of December 2023.

In a significant development, JSW Group, a prominent business conglomerate in India, recently acquired a 35% stake in MG Motor India through a joint venture with the parent company, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC Motor). The partnership aims to concentrate on expanding MG’s vehicle portfolio in India, particularly emphasizing environmentally friendly vehicles. It also aims to enhance local sourcing, improve charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs), and augment production capacity.

MG Motor’s sales performance in November 2023 reached 4,154 units, showcasing a marginal Year-over-Year growth of 1.8%. However, these figures reflected an 18% decline compared to the sales recorded in October 2023, which amounted to 5,108 units. Notably, electric cars constituted 30% of the total sales volume in November, a shift that could be attributed to the company’s decision to reduce prices for the ZS EV SUV by up to Rs. 2.30 lakh.

1. Q: What is the latest announcement from MG Motor India?

A: MG Motor India has announced a price hike for all models, effective from January 2024 onwards.

2. Q: Why is MG Motor India increasing prices for all its models?

A: The specific reasons for the price hike are not provided in the given content.

3. Q: Can you provide details on the extent of the price increase for MG Motor India’s models?

A: The exact percentage or amount of the price hike is not mentioned in the provided information.

4. Q: Are there any specific factors mentioned that led to the decision of a price hike by MG Motor India?

A: The content doesn’t specify the factors that prompted MG Motor India to increase prices.

5. Q: How will this price hike impact existing customers or those planning to purchase MG Motor vehicles in the near future?

A: Information on the potential impact on existing customers or future buyers is not provided in the given content.

6. Q: Is the price increase uniform for all models, or does it vary based on the vehicle type?

A: The content doesn’t specify whether the price hike is uniform across all models or if it varies.

7. Q: When was the decision to increase prices made, and was there any particular reason for choosing January 2024 as the effective date?

A: The details regarding the timing of the decision and the choice of January 2024 as the effective date are not provided in the given information.

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