Mahindra Launches Relief Measures For Cyclone Michaung Affected SUV Owners

The stipulated measures will continue to be in effect until the conclusion of December 31, 2023.


In response to the devastating Cyclone Michaung which affected large sections of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Mahindra has rolled out complimentary aftersales initiatives to help adversely affected owners.

Mahindra has unveiled a comprehensive support initiative, introducing complimentary Roadside Assistance (RSA) to facilitate the towing of impacted vehicles to the nearest Mahindra-authorized workshop. It is noteworthy that this service is being made available to all SUV owners, irrespective of whether they possess an active RSA subscription.

Additionally, the automaker has committed to conducting a thorough examination of vehicles affected by the cyclone and subsequent floods without imposing any charges. Furthermore, Mahindra will extend discounts on the customer liability component of the repair invoice as part of this initiative.

The initiative is slated to be accessible until December 31, 2023.

The company has explicitly communicated in its official statement a strong recommendation for vehicle owners to refrain from initiating the start-up of their vehicles that have been subjected to submersion in water. This precautionary measure aims to mitigate the risk of exacerbating potential damages. Instead, customers are earnestly urged to reach out to the dedicated service team for prompt assistance.

Mahindra is among a cohort of automotive manufacturers that have proactively extended support to their customer base through post-sales initiatives. Notable counterparts in this commendable effort encompass Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Audi, Mahindra, and Toyota.

1. Q: What relief measures has Mahindra recently launched for SUV owners affected by Cyclone Michaung?

A: Mahindra has introduced relief measures for SUV owners impacted by Cyclone Michaung.

2. Q: Can you provide details on the specific relief measures offered by Mahindra for the affected SUV owners?

A: The content does not specify the details of the relief measures. Further information may be needed for a comprehensive answer.

3. Q: How do Mahindra SUV owners affected by Cyclone Michaung avail themselves of these relief measures?

A: The process for SUV owners to access the relief measures is not outlined in the given information.

4. Q: Is the assistance provided by Mahindra limited to certain models, or does it cover all SUVs in their lineup?

A: The content doesn’t mention whether the relief measures apply to specific Mahindra SUV models or the entire lineup.

5. Q: Why did Mahindra decide to launch relief measures for Cyclone Michaung-affected SUV owners?

A: The specific reasons or motivations behind Mahindra’s decision to offer relief measures are not provided in the given content.

6. Q: Are these relief measures a one-time initiative, or will Mahindra continue to support affected SUV owners in the future?

A: Information regarding the duration or continuity of the relief measures is not specified in the provided content.

7. Q: How does Mahindra’s response to Cyclone Michaung compare to its previous disaster relief efforts?

A: The content doesn’t provide a comparison with Mahindra’s previous disaster relief efforts.

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