Highlights of the 2023 Rajasthan exit poll results: A closely contested battle between Congress and BJP is anticipated

Live updates on Rajasthan Assembly election exit poll results: The India Today-Axis My India poll indicates a tight race between BJP and Congress, projecting a median seat count of 96 for Congress and 90 for BJP. Incumbent Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is favored by 32% of respondents for the CM post. The election, held on November 25 for 199 out of 200 seats with a 75.45% voter turnout, witnessed the postponement of polling in the Karanpur seat of Sri Ganganagar district due to the demise of Congress candidate Gurmeet Singh Koonar. The final result is scheduled to be announced on December 3.”

BJP will form government in Rajasthan with massive mandate:

The Leader of Opposition in the Rajasthan Assembly, Rajendra Rathore, expressed confidence in the BJP forming the government in Rajasthan with a significant mandate. He additionally stated the party’s intention to overturn the current Congress government in Madhya Pradesh.

Exit Poll Results: BJP likely to return in Rajasthan, predicts Jan ki Baat survey

The Jan Ki Baat poll survey forecasts the BJP’s return to power in Rajasthan after a five-year period, estimating a potential victory with 100-122 seats, while the Congress is expected to secure 62-85 seats.

Rajasthan Exit Poll: CVoter survey predicts BJP to win 104 seats out of 199

While the India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll anticipated a tight competition between the BJP and Congress, the CVoter exit poll survey foresees the saffron party securing 104 seats. The Congress, in contrast, is predicted to attain 81 seats, with the remaining 14 seats expected to be distributed among other parties, according to the CVoter exit poll survey.

Rajasthan Exit Poll 2023: What is the region-wise seat projection?

  • Bikaner-Jaisalmer region (19 seats): Congress is expected to secure 11 seats, while BJP may win six.
  • Shekhwati region (21 seats): Congress is projected to win 12 seats, with BJP likely to secure seven seats.
  • Ahirwal region (22 seats): Congress may win 10 seats, and BJP might secure nine seats.Mewar region (35 seats): Congress is likely to attain 12 seats, whereas BJP is projected to win 20.
  • Hadoti region (17 seats): Congress is expected to win six seats, with BJP projected to secure 11.
  • Marwar region (41 seats): Congress might secure 18 seats, while BJP is likely to win 20.

Despite internal conflicts within the Congress and widespread predictions of a significant BJP victory, the India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll results reveal that 32% of respondents still favor the current Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot, for the leadership role in Rajasthan. The BJP is closely trailing, with 21% of respondents expressing a preference for any BJP candidate for the Chief Ministerial position.

Congress, BJP cliffhanger awaits Rajasthan

The India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll indicates a tight competition between the Congress and the BJP in Rajasthan. The Congress is anticipated to secure 86 to 106 seats in the 200-member Rajasthan Assembly, while the BJP is likely to attain 80 to 100 seats.

The vote share is closely contested, with the Congress projected to receive 42%, and the BJP expected to secure 41%.”As per the India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll, the BJP is expected to secure 6 seats in the Bikaner-Jaisalmer region, holding a voter percentage of 39%, while the Congress is projected to claim 11 seats with a percentage of 41%. The area consists of 20 seats, with 19 having participated in the polls.The distribution of the 20 seats is as follows: 7 in Bikaner, 5 in Ganganagar, 5 in Hanumangarh, and 2 in Jaisalmer.

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